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Radical Fencing’s

New Fencing Floor Solution

Radical Fencing introduces you to -- a new high performance fencing surface!

In collaboration with a leader in the athletic flooring industry based in the U.S. with a world-wide reach, Radical Fencing has developed and now introduces a novel fencing floor system designed and manufactured to answer some of the difficulties fencers face when fencing on traditional flooring.*

Radical Fencing seeks to set the bar for high performance standards for fencing foundational surfaces with a flooring system that is shock absorbent and resilient, and may be installed either temporarily or semi-permanently, if not permanently, on many different existing surfaces in order to enhance the stability and comfort of the fencing playing field.

Radical Fencing Is the Winning Touch

Have you ever entered a fencing venue where you know, before the competition even begins, that the jointed or rolled metal strips put directly on hard concrete floors are going to wreak havoc on your shoes and joints?

Radical Fencing integrates the cutting edge flooring technology currently found in college and professional indoor basketball, volleyball and handball arenas, but never before used in fencing. By combining a specially designed grounded flooring system that maximizes shock absorption while providing a strong, tactile playing surface, Radical Fencing aims to reduce the harshness of traditional flooring, even concrete, and minimize the potential hazard of raised edges of metal strips (raise your hand if you’ve rolled your ankle on one of those!).

The Future of Fencing Is Now

Beyond the benefits our system offers to athletes, we are providing fencing clubs owners and tournament organizers with a new floor system that truly makes any surface an arena for fencing. Easily assembled and disassembled without damaging the floor beneath it we will create an instant, optimal fencing floor for everyone, from the newest beginner to your seasoned veteran.

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* Patent Pending