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Radical FencingRadical Fencing

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Fencing is Radical... Fencing is Life!


Radical Fencing's Repair Services:

The Internet isn’t going to fix your blades;

It won’t fix your broken wires and barrels tonight so you can get back on the strip tomorrow.

Radical Fencing, however, can.

Come to us for repairs.

The new Liberty v 1.0 ultralight three weapon fencing bag,

our RAD Straps, and Sorcerer club/strip bag will be featured

and all in stock.

The Nasycon XGen plastic weapons for beginners will also be available.



Radical Fencing's RAD  straps are now in more vibrant colors

for the 2016-2017 fencing season. 

The RAD straps can also now be designed with club, school, university or National team colors. 

Please inquire and take a leap into color!

These straps are made in the USA.


"Fencing is Radical... Fencing is Life!".™

Featured Videos

  • "One for All --the Enduring Story of Harvard Fencing" (The first film documentary on the history of Harvard fencing highlighting the role of team --Radical Fencing's founder and owner, Philippe Bennett, Executive Producer.)
  • "New Colorful Women's Chest Protector" (A glimpse at Radical Fencing's newest colorful equipment innovation for women).