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Our regular showroom hours :

Mondays through Fridays: 11AM - 7PM

Saturdays: CLOSED

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 "Fencing is Radical... Fencing is Life!"



 Radical Fencing's Repair Services:

The Internet isn’t going to fix your blades;


It won’t fix your broken wires and barrels tonight so you can get back on the strip tomorrow. 


Radical Fencing, however, can.


Come to us for repairs.


The new Liberty v 1.0 ultralight three weapon fencing bag,

our RAD Straps, and Sorcerer club/strip bag will be featured

and all in stock.



Radical Fencing's RAD  straps are now in more vibrant colors

for the 2016-2017 fencing season. 

The RAD straps can also now be designed with club, school, university or National team colors. 

Please inquire and take a leap into color!

These straps are made in theUSA.


"Fencing is Radical... Fencing is Life!".™

Featured Videos

  • "One for All --the Enduring Story of Harvard Fencing" (The first film documentary on the history of Harvard fencing highlighting the role of team --Radical Fencing's founder and owner, Philippe Bennett, Executive Producer.)
  • "New Colorful Women's Chest Protector" (A glimpse at Radical Fencing's newest colorful equipment innovation for women).